Become a Host 

By becoming a member of WWOOF Norway you support a world wide movement of sustainable farming. The basic principle of WWOOF is that you offer your knowledge, food and accommodation on your organic farm/homestead in return for help from the WWOOFers.

How it works 

1: Fill in the Host Application. Shortly after you will hear from the coordinator.

2: When approved as a host farm in WWOOF Norway, you create a profile on this website. Your profile includes a description of your farm: who lives there, how is it located, what kind of projects do you do, type of accommodation you offer etc. It is important that this information is updated and accurate. In addition to that, uploading pictures is very much appreciated. 

3: Contact from a WWOOFer. WWOOFers will contact you directly on this site. They are encouraged to write a presentation of themselves and write why they are interested in your farm in particular. It is very important that you discuss expectations from both parties beforehand. 

4 When a WWOOFer arrives: Most of the WWOOFers come from abroad. It is therefore common to pick them up from the nearest bus/train stop. Upon arrival it is important that you make the WWOOFer feel welcome by showing him or her around, and explain the routines of your farm. 

As a host you can expect:

  • To welcome volunteers who are genuinely interested in learning about organic agriculture and sustainable living practices. 
  • To receive the agreed hours of help in return for your hospitality.  
  • To choose which WWOOFers you will accept. 
  • To be treated with respect at all times. 
  • To be able to complain to WWOOF Norway if you feel these expectations have not been fulfilled. 


As a host you are expected: 

  • To negotiate with you volunteers, before they arrive, concerning the needs and expectations of both parties. 
  • To provide adequate food and drink.
  • To provide warm, dry, clean and safe accommodation.
  • To provide hands-on experience to WWOOFers and be willing to pass on your knowledge to them. 
  • To be sufficiently insured. 
  • To reply to all contacts from WWOOFers in a timely manner and to inform promptly if you have to change or cancel arrangements. 
  • To be growing organically and using ecologically sustainable methods. 
  • To provide a safe environment. 
  • To keep an open mind when meeting people from other cultures. 
  • To not engage WWOOFers instead of a paid worker and to accept that there is no monetary exchange between WWOOFer and host. 
  • To keep the information in your profile accurate and up-to-date. 

Welcome! The annual fee is 30 Euros. To apply: Host application