Become a WWOOFer 

By becoming a WWOOFer you will learn about organic agriculture and sustainable lifestyles.  It will also give you an insight to life in Norway, while you share experiences and engagement with others. You will spend a few weeks or months living at a farm and helping out with the daily tasks. It is not necessary to have experience with farming from before, what is important is that you have a genuine interest to learn about this way of life. 

How it works 

1: Make a profile: The first thing you want to do, is to sign up and create a profile on this website. Write a little presentation about yourself and why you are interested in learning about organic farming in Norway. 

2: Find a farm: The host farm profiles will give a general description of their farm; who lives there, what they do, food and accommodation, length of stay they prefer etc. If you are interested in a certain thing, for instance bee-keeping, sheep or horticulture you can use the different filters. For a specific region, use the map to navigate. 

3: Contact and communicate: When you have found a farm you are interested in you contact them directly through this site. Make sure to read their entire profile and let them know why you would like to come to their farm in particular. Keep an open line of communication from the start, make sure that you understand each others expectations for the stay. If you have dietary needs or would like to bring children or pets, it is very important that you discuss this beforehand.

As a WWOOFer you can expect: 

  • To learn about organic farming/sustainable living by helping out at the farm. 
  • To recieve warm, dry and safe accommodation. 
  • To recieve adequate food and drink. 
  • To be treated with respect at all times. 
  • To be able to complain to WWOOF Norway if any of the above has not been fulfilled.


As a WWOOFer you are expected: 

  • To be genuinely interested in learning about organic farming/sustainable living and to do hands-on tasks related to this way of life. 
  • To communicate with your host before you arrive, concerning the needs and expectations of both parties. 
  • To arrive prepared and give the agreed hours of help. 
  • To have necessary documents(visa if needed) and insurance. 
  • To not risk the safety of yourself or others by doing dangerous tasks. 
  • To treat your host with respect at all times and respect their privacy and family life. 
  • To keep an open mind while meeting people from other cultures. 
  • To accept that there is no monetary exchange between WWOOFer and host. 
  • To treat the information on the host list as private and not share with non-members. 
  • To contact the host sufficiently in advance and advice any changes as soon as possible. 


  • A one-year membership costs 25 Euro.
  • WWOOF Norway cannot help you obtain visas etc. 
  • You will need to make sure you have your own travel insurance
  • WWOOF is an educational program, not a place to find work.