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WWOOF Norway 0220

bnr003, Norway

Woodland sessions and homestay in southwest Norway - this is not a farm.


WWOOF Norway 0113

Storselsoy, Norwegen, Norway

Small diversified organic farm on an island near the Arctic Circle.


WWOOF Norway 0294


Come and join us to shape our farm for the future! We are brand new farmers who want to be self sufficient. Ou...


WWOOF Norway 0190

6630, Norway

Welcome to Rimstad Gård Forestgarden, Permakultur, Chickens, Ducks Lamas, Dogs, cats, bees. Self sufficient ...


WWOOF Norway 0096

Stadsbygd, Norway

A family-run biodynamic farm. Work in cow stable, pastures, forest, garden, building, firewood - depending on ...


WWOOF Norway 0178

Laksvatn, Norway

We need help with taking care of horses, sheep, hens, cats and three dogs. We need help with building, repairi...


WWOOF Norway 0155

staur Frosta, Norway

A Beautiful small family farm with a fantastic views over the amazing trondheim fjord situated in Frosta


WWOOF Norway 0165

Saura, Norway

Island on the polar circle. Organic since 1986. Original norwegian breeds of cows, sheep and gees, on free ra...


WWOOF Norway 0427

Dalen, Norway

Would you like to Grow vegetables and make materials out of timber? Do you love hiking, fishing or riding?


WWOOF Norway 0239

Førde, Norway

I'm 29 yrs old, and I'm running my farm with my girlfriend Rita (26) My farm is an organic sheep farm, 100 she...


WWOOF Norway 0157

Tingvoll, Norway

We are Irja, Benjamin, our two daughters (0 and 3 years old) and our plant nursery Permakulturplanter.no. We g...


WWOOF Norway 0234

Dalen, Norway

We are a smal family about to start up with traditional diversified organic farming. The farmwork is based on ...


WWOOF Norway 0231

Hedmark, Norway

We have cows, goats, hens , handmilking, a Demeterfarm close to a lake and have started with cheerholders


WWOOF Norway 0364

3760, Norway

A small farm surrounded by forrest and lakes.. for us: heaven on earth:)


WWOOF Norway 0445

Tynset, Norway

Horses, sheeps and wild nature at the tundra! With origin from 1805 we bought our farm in 2011, located in the...


WWOOF Norway 0394

Meistervik, Norway

Høier is an organic farm established in 1935. It is beautifully situated in northern Norway with mid-night su...


WWOOF Norway 0094

Grimstad, Norway

We need help on the shellfarm, with building, and general work on the farm. For winter months we also need hel...


WWOOF Norway 0268

Tromsø, Norway

Small farm growing vegetables, berries and Herbs. Chickens. Nice area for hiking in mountains, Fishing in sea....


WWOOF Norway 0353

Sandefjord, Norway

Hi from Skovstuen Pil and Norway! We are a small family run business of wife and husband - both baketmakers...


WWOOF Norway 0137

Hurdal, Norway

Hurdalsjøen Ecological Village is a private initiative with a holistic approach to the issue of sustainable d...


WWOOF Norway 0168

Gran, Norway

On our farm we grow grain, gras and some hay for our sheep and beef cattle. We also have a farm-boutique, with...


WWOOF Norway 0410

Bjoa, Norway

We have a small farm cituated close to the sea between Stavanger and Bergen. Main production is berries , ju...


WWOOF Norway 0213

Hattfjelldal, Norway

we need people to help with the picking and processing of herbs, berries and mushrooms for the small scale pr...


WWOOF Norway 0274

Kyrksæterøra, Norway

A small ecological farm in the middle of Norway with great diversity: Cattle, strawbale building, vegetables,


WWOOF Norway 0432

Røldal/ Odda, Norway

Growing 45ha grass in beautiful mountain village, midway between Bergen and Oslo.


WWOOF Norway 0158

Akkerhaugen, Norway

Fruit farm in southeastern part of Telemark. We produce apple juice and barries products.


WWOOF Norway 0118

Noresund, Norway

Tihis is a little farm 12 miles North of Oslo, here we are working for beeing self sufficent by having a Kitch...


WWOOF Norway 0459

Longyearbyen, Norway

"Northern most" farming project in the world here in Longyearbyen, Norway.


WWOOF Norway 0360

5650, Norway

Small farm 250 m.o.sea level . 4 cows 10 sheep chicken cats and peacocks. Cheeseproduction. Farmersmarked an...


WWOOF Norway 0132

naustdal, Norway

We're a young English couple who went on a wwoofing honeymoon to Norway in 2008 We fell in love with Norway an...