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WWOOF Norway 0110

Naustdal, Norway

Want to be a part og the most active month on the farm.?? April and May we await a whole lot of lambs and foa...


WWOOF Norway 0433

Braskereidfoss, Norway

Sjøvik farm is situated by a small Lake. Family with 2 adults and two kids. We have sheeps, chickens, a borde...


WWOOF Norway 0466

fyresdal, Norway

We are getting started our little permaculture/ ecological smallholding and would love to have likeminded peop...


WWOOF Norway 0158

Akkerhaugen, Norway

Fruit and berry farm in southeastern part of Telemark. We produce apple and berry products.


WWOOF Norway 0234

Dalen, Norway

We are a smal family about to start up with traditional diversified organic farming. The farmwork is based on ...


WWOOF Norway 0353

Sandefjord, Norway

Hi from Skovstuen Pil and Norway! We are a small family run business of wife and husband - both baketmakers...


WWOOF Norway 0514

2344, Norway

Biodynamic farm 120 km north of Oslo close to Norways biggest lake, Mjøsa. We have a very diversified product...


WWOOF Norway 0284

Ulvik, Norway

Small, family-run farm by the famously beautiful Hardanger fjord, 2,5 hours by bus/train from Bergen, 6 hours ...


WWOOF Norway 0504

Nesodden, Norway

*We need urgent help with setting up fences for goats* 300 years old farm in the woods on Nesodden, a peninsul...


WWOOF Norway 0180

Stranda, Norway

Small organic farm, situated in the heart of the Sunnmørealps, not far from the UNESCO World Heritage Area Ge...


WWOOF Norway 0418

Kvinesdal, Norway

Traditional Norwegian mountainfarm


WWOOF Norway 0427

Dalen, Norway

Would you like to Grow vegetables and make materials out of timber? Do you love hiking, fishing or riding?


WWOOF Norway 0249

Stokmarknes, Norway

A small-scale farm in the heart of the Lofoten-Vesterålen archipelago, 225 km north of the polar circle with ...


WWOOF Norway 0282

Porsgrunn, Norway

Porsgrunn andelsgård produces more than 30 different vegetables to 150 members of the coopretaive. We are loc...


WWOOF Norway 0165

Saura, Norway

Island on the polar circle. Organic since 1986. Original norwegian breeds of cows, sheep and gees, on free ra...


WWOOF Norway 0316

Kvenvaer, Norway

I seek people interested in permaculture, seed saving, and organic growing vegetables. I also need help with o...


WWOOF Norway 0216

Vaaler i Solor, Norway

Looking for mature WWOOFers with a real interest in learning about organic farming!


WWOOF Norway 0181

Kollungtveit, Norway

Welcome to our little sheep farm situated in the middle of nature! Help is needed during lambing season in spr...


WWOOF Norway 0250

Krokelvdalen, Norway

At Nordvoll Organic Farm we first of all grow arctic, organic Strawberries. We also grow potatoes, strawberrie...


WWOOF Norway 0157

Tingvoll, Norway

We are Irja, Benjamin, our two daughters (1 and 4 years old) and our plant nursery Permakulturplanter.no. We g...


WWOOF Norway 0122

Kristiansand, Norway

The work consist of sowing, potting, plantcare, weeding and managing the plants of garden center and tunnel. ...


WWOOF Norway 0164

Feios, Norway

Small farm with mainly ice-cream production, bees, raspberries and tourism (three holiday houses and B&B). We ...


WWOOF Norway 0287

Frekhaug, Norway

Farming the old fashion way. The old farm is situated beside the wilderness, with old houses. Sheep, hens, do...


WWOOF Norway 0163

Skutvik, Norway

Welcome to Den Ville Sau, Ryen gård


WWOOF Norway 0256

Sollia, Norway

An ecological goat farm in the mountains of central Norway.


WWOOF Norway 0516

Hjelmås, Norway

Welcome! We are Bart, Ida and little Johan. A family with a small homestead in beautiful surroundings in west ...


WWOOF Norway 0185

Hobøl, Norway

We live in the woods of southern Norway, where we are transforming our (small) land into organic plants, veget...


WWOOF Norway 0432

Røldal/ Odda, Norway

Growing 45ha grass in beautiful mountain village, midway between Bergen and Oslo.


WWOOF Norway 0296

vinje, Norway

We are a Family of four living on a moutain farm in Telemark, Southern Norway. Kristian work full time at the ...


WWOOF Norway 0378

Nykirke, Norway

We are a young couple with kids aging 11 and 3. We run a CSA on our farm with 100 members. We grow vegetables ...