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WWOOF Norway 0113

Storselsoy, Norwegen, Norway

Small diversified organic farm on an island near the Arctic Circle.


WWOOF Norway 0195

2642 Kvam, Norway

winter: feed sheep spring: help sheep to give birth to 200 lams! vaccin, feed, care. summer: vegetable garde...


WWOOF Norway 0137

Hurdal, Norway

Hurdalsjøen Ecological Village is a private initiative with a holistic approach to the issue of sustainable d...


WWOOF Norway 0296

vinje, Norway

We are a Family of four living on a moutain farm in Telemark, Southern Norway. Kristian work full time at the ...


WWOOF Norway 0418

Kvinesdal, Norway

Traditional Norwegian mountainfarm


WWOOF Norway 0213

Hattfjelldal, Norway

there are 3 main projects this summer planned and it would be great to have some help with it. 1. the install...


WWOOF Norway 0129

Skaun, Norway

Hi, I am a full time worker but also live in an old farm with my 10 alaskan huskies. I have been a woofer for...


WWOOF Norway 0364

3760, Norway

A small farm surrounded by forrest and lakes.. for us: heaven on earth:)


WWOOF Norway 0204

Bø i Vesterålen, Norway

FEEL LIKE JOINING ON A TRULY UNIQUE PROJECT? Littleisland Lighthouse is located on a small island in the Norwe...


WWOOF Norway 0118

Noresund, Norway

Tihis is a little farm 12 miles North of Oslo, here we are working for beeing self sufficent by having a Kitch...


WWOOF Norway 0445

Tynset, Norway

Horses, sheeps and wild nature at the tundra! With origin from 1805 we bought our farm in 2011, located in the...


WWOOF Norway 0250

Krokelvdalen, Norway

At Nordvoll Organic Farm we grow potatoes, strawberries, carrots, lettuces and other vegetables. The fertilizi...


WWOOF Norway 0236

Fåvang, Norway

We are a family running a mountain-farm with 96 milking goats. we have also 60 mother sheep, ducks, geese, qua...


WWOOF Norway 0263

Kvikne, Norway

Hello! Do you want to help us with realising our dream, to start up our farm? Our goal is to produce as much...


WWOOF Norway 0165

Saura, Norway

Island on the polar circle. Organic since 1986. Original norwegian breeds of cows, sheep and gees, on free ra...


WWOOF Norway 0122

Kristiansand, Norway

The work consist of sowing, potting, plantcare, weeding and managing the plants of garden center and tunnel. ...


WWOOF Norway 0256

Sollia, Norway

An ecological goat farm in the mountains of central Norway.


WWOOF Norway 0147

Heggenes, Norway

Our mountain farm is situated in Valdres in the hart of Norway (Jotunheimen) and we go to the summer farm 3 mo...


WWOOF Norway 0186

Aremark, Norway

Our vision is to develop the farm as a pleasant place to take care of people, animals and nature.


WWOOF Norway 0209

5640 Eikelandsosen, Norway

Welcome! We are 2 professional farmers. Vegetables and 75 sheep of traditional breed. Looking for people with...


WWOOF Norway 0231

Hedmark, Norway

We have cows, goats, hens , handmilking, a Demeterfarm close to a lake and have started with cheerholders


WWOOF Norway 0150

kvelde, Norway

Andelsgård / CSA (community suported agriculture) Small scale full time organic family farm in Vestfold and ...


WWOOF Norway 0198

Vatnestrøm, Norway

Happiness, great nature and a kind family :-)


WWOOF Norway 0132

naustdal, Norway

We're a young English couple who went on a wwoofing honeymoon to Norway in 2008 We fell in love with Norway an...


WWOOF Norway 0389

VInje, Norway

Levad gard is a farm, dedicatet to horse- breed called the Nordlandhorse- Lyngenhorse in the mountain in Te...


WWOOF Norway 0272

neslandsvatn, Norway

"Heaven on eart" as we call it:) Øygaarden is a farm surounded by forrest, rivers, and lakes where you can ...


WWOOF Norway 0239

Førde, Norway

I'm 29 yrs old, and I'm running my farm with my girlfriend Rita (26) My farm is an organic sheep farm, 100 she...


WWOOF Norway 0117

Bygland, Norway

We have a flock of sheep, currently around 80. Our goal is 80- 100 winterbred sheep. We have also recently bou...


WWOOF Norway 0212

Svelvik, Norway

Fruitfarm with sheep.


WWOOF Norway 0174

Kirkenær, Norway

We are a happy family of four: Lene(37), Jon(37), Gaute(8) and Vebjørn(4). We have a small farm in Grue Ko...